Founded in 2015, The Field Trip was established in order to provide children with opportunities to reach their potential and lead their communities. What started off as a small community youth group has grown into a movement being the change Field Trip members want to see in the world.

What we want and how we do it

The Field Trip is a journey, an adventure of discovery, seeing ourselves, each other and the world with new eyes. We run camps and special programs for young people. We go on adventures: adventures to do with things we care about: leadership, community, creativity and nature and sustainability. We try and see things from the perspective of others. We encourage empathy and compassion and empower young people to feel confident and capable to contribute to and lead their peers and communities. Because the world will be a better place if they do. 


The Field Trip is a social enterprise, a not for profit organisation registered with the ACNC


We foster leadership for everyone at the Field Trip, people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities. Our participants are aged 10+, our drivers (leaders) are aged 16+ and we invite and include mentors, specialists, experts of any age to come on our adventures and contribute to the program. Please email us for more information.



Field Trip leaders (and our specialists or experts) have experience working with young people, receive regular training, have working with children's checks, and  adhere to our strict child safe policy. The well-being and safety of all participants is our primary priority. Field Trip leaders are called Drivers and gain 'real life and career experience' encouraged to contribute and have a say about all program, budget and resource issues. They are involved in planning days, program development and promotion of the Field Trip. See more about what inspires our leadership style here



Our programs and camps are held at various locations, depending on the needs of the content and the interests of leaders, participants and partners. Check each program we run to find out where it's being held.  


Cost varies according to the camp and program we're running. We try and keep fees affordable for participants. We also provide subsidies and scholarships for those who require it, if at all possible.


The program is always about seeing life with new eyes. Whether we run a camp or special program, we're always trying to see and understand the perspective of others, for our own personal growth and to improve the community and world we live in. Please read more about our program and activities here.


The Field Trip, though not relying on government subsidy or sponsorship, is grateful for the many friends and sponsors who are supportive of what we do. We are currently powered by the Blue Light Camp. Thank you.