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Building your team

Building your team

There are two teams which need to be established: 

  1. An advisory committee: a small group of committed volunteer parents, friends community members including young people who care passionately about doing more for young people and seeing the program succeed. Who are these people? Can you identify anyone? Get them on board now. Having a good number of committee members is important too, as it means you'll have a sustainable leadership team who can recruit your Drivers and participants and keep good oversight over the program. 

  2. Your Drivers (leaders): aged between 16-25 who you recruit as your employed Drivers. You need at least TWO of these people, as you will need two every Sunday, but you can recruit more than two and they can roster each week. Always good to have one or two more Drivers involved, so they can contribute to your committee meetings but can also be available to lead sessions as required (and if another leader happens to be sick or unavailable and needs to swap shifts). Unlike many other groups, we don't want a situation where an 'adult' or 'grown up' steps in to run or lead the program because a young leader happens to be away. We need enough young people available and involved in the program so there will always be TWO young Drivers (leaders) at any given session. Your advisory group is there to support not to lead (if at all possible). 


If you’re new to the Field Trip, you may want regular involvement and support from a Field Trip Director and that's completely possible and encouraged. Involving and working with people who already work within the Field Trip sphere can be a great way to build your confidence and get support.

Remember, there must always be at least TWO paid Drivers (leaders) attending each session so it's the responsibility of the advisory committee to ensure this occurs. All advisory members and Drivers must have working with childrens check cards (committee members can have volunteer cards, Drivers must have employee cards). You can get them here: https://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/

You must also have at least one Driver at each session who has completed a recognised first aid qualification. The Field Trip covers this cost. Just let us know who is undertaking the certificate or training. 

How do you recruit people? 

After you have these two teams in place, then it's a matter of recruiting participants. You need all of your team, both teams, to help recruit - promote on social media, in schools, at community events and so on. The Field Trip can help with providing marketing collateral and ideas but recruiting participants aged 9-15 in your town is ultimately your responsibility. Keep in mind, that even if you offer a free trial session or two, parents/participants will need to pay a term fee of $180 to cover your costs including the salaries of your young Drivers, so it's always better to let parents know this up front, so there are no financial surprises for them down the track. Of course, you can also let them know that no participants are turned away for financial reasons and scholarships and discounts are always available for them if they require this. 

Use the skills and strengths of members of your advisory group and of your Drivers to maximise your efforts - they might be strong at promotion or social media or program planning. Whatever they're good at, find out and use their experience and expertise. 

There are lots of ways that you can recruit team members, Drivers and participants, from talking to colleagues and friends, to running a full recruitment drive. The more people who join you, the more support you'll have when you start.

  • promote on social media, using a call to action and providing a contact email address

  • promote with flyers and posters, also with a call to action and contact details 

  • talk to schools, community groups, attend community events and spread the word 

  • offer to help out at community events and school fetes in order to promote and spread the word about your group and intentions 

  • Be consistent with your communication: participants must always sign up using this link: https://www.thefieldtrip.co/joinnow 

Making people feel welcome

Make your team, Drivers and participants feel welcome and valued when they do sign up. Remember - you’re setting up a team but also creating your own community. The Field Trip Director you're in touch with will also be able to support you and provide guidance and tools to help your team and participants settle in.

Make sure you respond to enquiries quickly and consider all offers of help. If you’re all new to the Field Trip you can share questions and take them to your Field Trip Director as a team. 

Being flexible with your team members

The key to creating a new and successful advisory committee and leadership team is flexibility. Flexible arrangements make it much easier for team members to combine the Field Trip with their demanding home or work lives. You can use a roster for Drivers, ensure Drivers and committee members are bringing their interests and expertise to the program and be creative with 'rules' and guidelines to ensure everyone always feels valued. Talk with your team about how you can be more flexible to suit their involvement too. 

Working as a team

Once you have your team in place, you'll need to discuss which responsibilities people will take on and how you'll work together. Give people specific roles and let them take ownership for what they want to deliver and how. Be creative with thanks, gratitude, incentives to remain involved and support. The Field Trip is there to support you too. Keep communication open and regular enough to make people feel included, involved, relevant and updated. 

Now let's explore the details of meetings and logistics!