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Building your team

Building your team

There are two teams which need to be established: 

  1. An advisory committee: a small group of committed volunteer parents, friends community members who meet regularly to provide oversight of the program. Who are these people? Can you identify anyone who also wants an awesome ongoing youth program in your town? Get them on board now and call a meeting.  

  2. Your Drivers (leaders): aged between 16-25 who you recruit as your employed Drivers. You need at least TWO of these people, as you will need two every Sunday, but you can recruit more than two and they can roster each week. Do you know young people who want a job and will commit to running a weekly program for kids? Talk to them now and The Field Trip will employ, train and prepare them.

How do you recruit people? 

  • Ask around and find others who want to create an awesome ongoing youth program in your town

  • Promote on social media, using a call to action and providing a contact email address

  • Promote with flyers and posters, also with a call to action and contact details 

  • Talk to schools, community groups, attend community events and spread the word 

  • Offer to help out at community events and school fetes in order to promote and spread the word about your group and intentions 

  • Be consistent with your communication: participants must always sign up using this link: https://www.thefieldtrip.co/joinnow 

  • Call a meeting with anyone who might be keen

Once you have a committee or few people keen to move forward with the idea, Invite our Field Trip Executive Director to a meeting to discuss next steps. 

Now let's explore the details of meetings and logistics!