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Creating your committee

To get started you need some kind of small group or committee. You could probably organise everything yourself and you're welcome to do so, but it's fun with a small group, it provides you with support, ideas and opportunities and the people you include might also have kids who then attend the Field Trip, so it can build numbers for you (and it's good for succession planning, those who lead it after you).  


Committee considerations  

1. Numbers: the committee can be anything from 2-10 people who are passionate about increasing opportunities for young people in your area, whether they're keen to provide kids with training and employment or fun activities or being more aware of the challenges in our communities or even leading our communities 

2. Diversity: you can have young people (anyone from age 15+) on the committee if you want to, especially if they will attend the Field Trip, or might be a Driver (leader) or Driver (leader) in Training. You can also include parents or teachers or council representratives - it's totally up to you

3. When to meet: the commitee should meet regularly, possibly weekly to begin with and then fortnightly after that (or monthly if you feel everything's in control) 

4. Purpose: the committee is not a 'controlling' or 'management' committee. It exists to find/recruit the Drivers (leaders) and Drivers (leaders) in Training and promote the organisation to the community to recruit participants; it provides oversight and support to the leadership team but does not make decisions without the leaders on board; any significant decisions should be made in consultation with the Field Trip Director who helped you start the chapter 

5. Roles: the committee should have a Chairperson, someone to bring everyone together, make sure there's a meeting space for the committee, and the committee runs smoothly, they are welcome to assign a Deputy Chair or Secretary for assistance if required 

6. Responsibilities: the committee does not have the usual responsibilities of a not for profit committee (as these responsibities are handled centrally); so the responsibilities of a Chapter Committee are simply to ensure survival of the chapter - that there are enough participants signed up to the cover the costs of the chapter, which takes the form of promotion, recruitment, ensuring the leaders have what they need to run the program and general oversight

6. Reporting: the committee is also expected to write a short monthly report to provide to the Field Trip Director as a summary of how the Chapter is going - with numbers, leadership team, quality of program and response from participants and parents 

7. Any questions, please address to the Field Trip Director at 0400344746 or at info@thefieldtrip.co