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Seeking Field Trip Coordinators

The Field Trip is about extraordinary adventures for young people and is seeking a Field Trip Coordinator in your town. This is a voluntary role to establish a Field Trip branch in your own area. You'll be employing and empowering young people and leaving a major legacy in your town. The Field Trip currently works successfully in Riddells Creek Victoria and is an extraordinary program, easy to replicate in your location, with your help. Your responsibilites are to establish and coordinate a small voluntary committee of passionate community and youth development advocates, recruit your young leadership team and provide them with support and oversight. You plant the seed and watch it grow. 

Position Description here.

Successful applicants will be trained and taken through the process below in great detail. 

Before you start

Meet with the Field Trip Director and go through everything there is to do. Ask questions and plan how you’re going to get to where you want to be. Review how and why the chapter is needed in your town and discuss a strategy for success. Think about day, location and time. Start planning how to recruit your committee and Drivers. They can help you start the chapter and share responsibilities and ideas. 

12 or more weeks before first meeting

Recruit and meet with your advisory committee. Secure your venue. Advertise for your Drivers (aged 16-25) and decide on the day and time of your sessions. Start your membership recruitment drive. All participants should be asked to sign up here. If you’re new to the Field Trip, organise workng with children's check cards for all team/committee members. Provide your Field Trip Director with all committee information. Read all key Field Trip documents and policies.


Eight weeks to go

Complete any training you require with the Field Trip Director, recruit your Drivers and start planning your program, given access to the intranet and your program planning information, such as session templates, etc. Continue promotion and recruitment for members.

Six weeks to go

Work with your Drivers to ensure they're on the payroll, clarify roles and responsibilities, complete your term program and reruit participants (you need at least ten to make this viable). Plan your budget and determine a roster system for Drivers if required. Secure First Aid Training for at least one of your Drivers.

Four weeks to go

Follow-up meeting withthe Field Trip Director. Complete your risk assessment and finalise your program for the first term, including resources you need. Check your participant list and think about inclusion, what activities may need to be adapted and any care plan documents needed to meet participant needs. Ensure there is a regular communication system between Drivers and Committee members.

Two weeks to go

Hold welcome and planning meeting with your Drivers and full committee. Clarify roles and responsibilities for the team. Run over first session to ensure everyone's on top of it.

One week to go

Check your program planning for the first week and make sure you have backup ideas in case anything doesn't go to plan. Email all participants to get them excited about the first session. 


On the day of your first meeting

Have someone at the session to greet parents and make them feel welcome. Ensure Drivers take the roll, run the session as planned and complete the evaluation form after the meeting. Celebrate afterwards - you've earned it.

Yes, I want to start a Field Trip

Thanks for applying!