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How to start a Field Trip

Starting your own Field Trip chapter in your town


What is the Field Trip? What will you be creating for your town?

  1. Employment for young people ages 16-25 in your town

  2. Leadership training for young people to be the best version of themselves

  3. Young people proactively contributing to and leading community activities 

  4. Young people sharing similar values building a positive peer group

  5. Young people making the positive changes you want to see in your community

What's in it for you? 

You get to do something awesome for young people in your area and for your community

What do the young people actually do? 

  • Creative activities - to benefit the community, such as murals, boomerang bags, story-telling, putting on a play - whatever your young people are interested in

  • Social connection - connecting with community groups, events and each other

  • Building and making - things, stuff, food, crafting for fun and for the good of others 

  • Sustainability - anything that helps the environment and protects the planet

Where to start?


  1. Start with a discussion with the Field Trip Executive Director to see how it all works and what you need to do. You can complete the form here or contact them at or by calling 0400344746.

  2. Create a small group or committee. Consider a few other people you can work with to be a parent committee and oversee the Field Trip youth group in your town. Hold a meeting with parents and young people and invite the Field Trip Executive Director.

  3. Consider the needs of young people in your area: speak to parents, schools, teachers, community workers and others to get a sense of the needs of young people and the type of program you're seeking to create. Bring these ideas to a meeting or to your discussion with the Field Trip Executive Director. 


What’s next?

To do this awesome thing for young people in your town, you need to do a few things:

  1. Contact the Field Trip Executive Director to discuss your interest (by emailing

  2. Now complete the form here.

  3. Venue: you will need a space, a venue - preferably very cheap or free (something like a Neighbourhood House or community centre). The space should have toilets, parking and be safe, visible and central for young people to attend. 

  4. Age group: Field Trip participants are normally aged 8-15; and from 16-25: young people are invited to be employed Drivers (leaders). But you might decide to start with a group of young people all the same age. That's totally fine.

  5. Time and day of weekly session: The Field Trip normally runs every Sunday 3-5pm but if you prefer to run weekly sessions at another time, do it. Just let us know. 

  6. Size of group: if you have around ten kids attending, you will need two Drivers (leaders); between 15-25 kids, you will need a third Driver (leader). 

  7. Your Drivers (leaders): The Field Trip employs young people aged 16-25 to lead the weekly program; you find them, The Field Trip will pay them.

  8. The financial model T- we charge fees for participants to attend so we can pay young people to lead the group. It's that simple. Money coming in through fees goes out to your young leaders to provide them with regular employment. And we cover insurance, marketing and expenses for materials.

  9. Logistics and administrative processes: we keep it simple. Nothing for you to worry about other than getting young people to attend.  

  10. Safety and wellbeing: The Field Trip has a Child Safety Policy to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants. We communicate this to the leaders as part of training and employment.  

  11. Marketing and promotion: You are welcome to design your own flyers, advertise in schools or do what you would like to do to recruit leaders and participants. The Field Trip will also promote your program on your behalf via social media. We only need two leaders and ten kids to commit to attend to start the program. 

So what's next? You can't do this alone. We need to build your team!