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Lancefield, 3435

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  1. Members are 9 years old and up.

  2. Membership is $180 per term (please contact us to request a discount or scholarship if required)

  3. Members join the group according to the age they turn in the year they join

  4. Members have read the website, completed the form below and understand (and support) the values and purpose of The Field Trip

  5. Siblings joining receive 15% discount on fees

  6. Membership duration is in accordance with payment made, usually for one term (or by arrangement negotiated) and renewed membership requires renewed payment (or renewed negotiated arrangement)

  7. Opportunities are provided to and for participants, such as speaking at public events, awards nominations or grant opportunities and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome and results of these opportunities

  8. Membership is transferable between locations if a paid member moves to another location where a Field Trip chapter is operating

  9. There are no refunds once payment has been made

  10. Members can defer their membership if they can't attend more than four sessions and request a deferment in advance

  11. We do not accept cash payments at Field Trip meetings

  12. Payment for membership must be made before term starts, unless a prior payment arrangement has been made.

  13. By joining, you accept we will take photos of weekly sessions and Field Trip activities for promotional purposes only and that privacy and identity is taken seriously and Field Trip members names will not be attached to or associated with the photographs, when they are displayed on the website or online.