For young people aged 8-15 who want to connect with and contribute to their local and global community and participate in a youth community leadershship program ONLINE. Because kindness, leadership and community matter now more than ever.


The Field Trip sees a world where all young people embrace their unique powers to lead our communities. The Field Trip will achieve this vision by turning learners into leaders, providing young people with extraordinary adventures and empowering them to use their unique extraordinary powers to lead their communities. Because the world will be a better place if they do.

How do we do this online? 


What is your child passionate about? Singing, dancing, writing, cooking, drama, Leggo, gardening, sustainability, learning languages, culture, computing or coding? Something else? Let us know. We invite your child to undertake a ten week curriculum of kindness which aligns with their interests or passions, to contribute to, connect with and lead their community in a range of ways. The program is interactive with participants and provokes ideas to be kind to our communities over a ten week period (one school term). We offer weekly 'inspirations', exercises, communication, suggestions and provocations, tips, templates and resources, ideas for partnerships, skill development ideas, introductions to community leaders, as well as government and community organisations which exist to help you with your learning and community connection. It is something parents can have fun doing with their kids. Some participants may wish to develop a community project as part of this process but either way, the focus is on learning about, connect with and being kind to the community around us. Each term is a new theme, a new angle on community kindness and possibly a new project. 

Why do this, what do you get? 

The opportunity to pursue your interests and passions and be recognised for it by your community - great for your own enjoyment of life, self esteem and sense of achievement 


The opportunity to give, to be kind to yourself and others, to learn how to be kind in the future and to connect with community groups in your area - great for self care, community care and for your personal development  


The opportunity to be part of the Field Trip community and connect with kids your own age also delivering community projects and leading their communities including links to social media groups - great for peer support, making new friends and likeminded spirits with similar interests


The opportunity to present the outcomes of your learning about kindness to your peers and community - great for your public presentation skill development, confidence and self-esteem

A weekly e-letter including next steps, project-sharing, general Field Trip updates, resources, tips, templates, ideas, introductions and exercises - great for your personal growth, knowledge building and learning


A Certificate of Community Participation and Contribution at the end of the term - great for your CV and record of achievement

Other benefits to you

  • Do it in your own home, at your own pace, in your own time (no pressure, no restrictions on time or place) 

  • Karma - kindness always has a way of coming back to you in wonderful ways

  • Create and develop a community project (if you want) aligned with your own passions and interests

  • We will give you 'community kindness' ideas too, but you can ignore them and develop your own if you choose

  • Gain the benefits of introductions, resources, tips, ideas, regular communication and peer support 

What does it cost you? 


Only $20 per term. 

When does it start? 


Generally at the start of each school term. The next course starts Sunday 19 April. As soon as you complete the form below and direct debit your $20 you'll receive an email with details of commencement and how the program will work. Any questions, please email 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. To join you must have read the website, completed the form below and understand (and support) the values and purpose of The Field Trip

  2. You will need an email address which you check daily so we can communicate with you

  3. Payment of $20 makes you a member of The Field Trip (once you sign up below, we send you an invoice) 

  4. Members must be 8 years old and up

  5. A parent or guardian is expected to work with their child (the participant) closely during the week to ensure they're understanding, following and keeping up with the program requirements

  6. Membership duration is in accordance with payment made, usually for one term (or by arrangement negotiated) and renewed membership requires renewed payment (or renewed negotiated arrangement)

  7. Opportunities are offered occasionaly to and for participants, such as connecting with leaders or mentors, special recognition, award nominations or grant opportunities and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the offer, the outcome or results of these opportunities

  8. There are no refunds once payment has been made

  9. Payment for membership must be made before term starts, unless a prior payment arrangement has been made.

  10. By joining, you accept we will ask for photos of your community project for promotional purposes only and that privacy and identity is taken seriously and Field Trip members names will not be attached to or associated with the photographs, when they are displayed on the website or online.

  11. Please join the Field Trip Online Kindness Course Facebook group (if you're on Facebook) as we will be sharing information and updates here.




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