Mental - Physical - Social 


For young people aged 8-15 who want to connect with friends and look after their mental, physical and social wellbeing. Because  looking after ourselves and keeping our minds healthy is more important than ever. 

Join our Field Trip leaders for Healthy Minds Online: a weekly program (every Sunday morning 10:30am-11:30am on Zoom) focussed on improving our health and wellbeing, fun, games, community and connection and brunch! An extraordinary adventure into our own personal development. 

Healthy Minds Online is an opportunity for young people who might feel isolated or disconnected from their communities to feel part of the world we live in, feel good about themselves and feel excited about the future. The program offers weekly 'inspirations', exercises, communication, suggestions and provocations, tips, templates and resources, ideas for self-care. 


The program starts Sunday 27th September and runs through to 6th December and costs $50 for the full term; scholarships, payment arrangements and discounts are offered for those who need it. 

Other benefits to you

  • Do it in your own home; and use the advice, tips and tricks for healthy wellbeing at your own pace, in your own time 

  • Karma - developing your health and wellbeing and supporting others, always has a way of coming back to you in wonderful ways

  • We will give you 'self-care' ideas too, and you can develop your own if you choose

  • Gain the benefits of social connection, fun, games, resources, tips, ideas, regular communication and peer support 

What does it cost you? 


Only $50 for the term (scholarships and payment arrangements available). 

When does it start? 


Sunday 27 September until Sunday 6 December (10:30am-11:30am each Sunday). Any questions, please email 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. To join you must have read this website, completed the form above and understand (and support) the values and purpose of The Field Trip

  2. You will need an email address which you check daily so we can communicate with you

  3. Payment of $50 makes you a member of The Field Trip for the term (once you complete the form, we send you an invoice) 

  4. Members must be 8 years old and up (at least turning 8 in 2020)

  5. A parent or guardian would ideally work with their child (the participant) during the zoom/online sessions

  6. Membership duration is in accordance with payment made, usually for one term (or by arrangement negotiated) and renewed membership requires renewed payment (or renewed negotiated arrangement)

  7. Opportunities are offered occasionally to and for participants, such as connecting with leaders or mentors, special recognition, award nominations or grant opportunities and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the offer, the outcome or results of these opportunities

  8. There are no refunds once payment has been made

  9. Payment for membership must be made before term starts, unless a prior payment arrangement has been made.

  10. By joining, you accept we will ask for photos of your community project for promotional purposes only and that privacy and identity is taken seriously and Field Trip members names will not be attached to or associated with the photographs, when they are displayed on the website or online.