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For Drivers (leaders) and our Drivers in training…

For our leadership team who participated in Sunday’s Field Trip strategy session, thank you so much for coming along. Your contribution has informed exciting new changes for the Field Trip which we can’t wait to share with you this coming Sunday 3pm-4:30pm (online) for PART 2!

If you came last Sunday or if you couldn’t make it, we are hoping you can attend this coming Sunday to hear about the changes and give your feedback. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY, IT IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO CAN AND WANT TO ATTEND.

At this coming session on Sunday, we will show you what we are thinking regarding changes to the Field Trip structure and brand, based on your input, and test the new ideas with everyone.

You’ll be sent an email with the link to this fun and exciting session. In the mean time, Maddie will touch base with you to test a few ideas which will prepare you for Sunday.

See you then!

The Field Trip Team

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