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Program & Training

Program and training

Now for the fun bit - planning your program.


Check out the current Field Trip program here.


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You can determine the program for your own chapter with assistance, support and guidance from the Field Trip Director. We want you to take initiative, but we also want activities to feel like 'The Field Trip', reflect Field Trip values and work towards achieving the Field Trip's purpose and vision


The Field Trip begins its program planning by choosing one of the six capitals that inspires its vision. Each term we focus on creating one of the six capitals to improve our local and global community: financial capital, manufactured capital, intellectual capital, social, human or natural capital. Each chapter lets its committee and Drivers determine which capital will be the focus for a given term. Once chosen, the capital inspires a range of programming and project ideas you can then plan and deliver for the term.

Read more about the six capitals here.

Once signed up to start your own chapter, you will receive:


  1. Access to the Field Trip intranet which has program information and an employee handbook for your Drivers including our planning processes, examples of regular program segments and activities 

  2. Sample program booklets to plan your own term program

  3. Program ideas for your first term program as well as links to games

  4. Session plan templates and information as to how to complete them

  5. An engagement framework detailing how to keep participants interested and engaged

  6. A training document for yourself and your Drivers

​By planning activities inspired by the six capitals and aligned with our vision, you can make sure you’re offering participants an exciting, balanced and engaging program.

Talk to your Field Trip Director about planning and what a term plan, or session plan looks like, how to get ideas from participants and how we measure success.

Remember to make sure your plan is designed with the specific needs of the participants in mind. There will be ways you can adapt activities so that everyone can be included. Also think about the venue where you meet and the time you have for your meeting.

Field Trip program principles to include: 

  • Opportunities for participants to share their views 

  • Opportunities for participants to lead activities during each session

  • Drivers listening more than they talk and facilitating participants to lead aspects of each session

  • Balance of physical activities and games, and discussion based or creative activities

  • Balance of small group activities, pair or individual activities and whole group activities


Training for you and your team is provided. If you're new to this kind of work, you may want training in a specific area: project management, program and planning, working with kids or some other aspect of running the program. Speak to your Field Trip Director and this can be provided. You will also need to provide some training to your Drivers (leaders) and this is available according to your needs and the needs of your team. Documentation will be provided and training can be incorporated into your planning.