Share Your Dream 2019

Share Your Dream 2019

A $500 grant to pursue your dream

We all have dreams, passions and ambitions for the future so why not acknowledge and celebrate them; and help each other try to fulfill them.

The Field Trip is a unique (extraordinary) youth movement, which - rather than relying on grants and funding for its survival - prefers to be an organisation which gives grants and support to young people and the broader community. 

This year, Field Trip members will articulate their dream and passion, something tangible they want, something that requires $500 for them to pursue and/or achieve. The grant money must be used by the applicant. It can't be used as a donation to another organisation. It could be used for taking a class, buying something to help them build, do, make or create something, it could be learning a language, travelling interstate or overseas, joining a team or buying an instrument, setting up their own business or growing a garden. Once everyone has articulated their dream, they'll be read out at a Field Trip session and all Field Trip members will vote on the one dream they'd like to support. The kids actually give the grant to each other - to the person or project they'd like to encourage the most.

The Field Trip wants to encourage dreams which help others in some way - that through the pursuit of an activity, a trip somewhere, taking a course, investing in something the Field Trip member applying for the grant sees their own dream as something that will ultimately be good for others too (not solely for themselves) - which is why we ask applicants to choose a category of who they're helping or how they're helping others by pursuing their dream. This will be taken into account when we vote on who should win. 


The outcome of this process is that one person will win the grant, but everyone gets to say their dreams aloud, to share them with people who care, and others have the opportunity to help each other fulfill them. For we know that many dreams don't require monetary investment. Some dreams may just require an introduction, a collaboration, a mentor or volunteer, a request to the community, encouragement or a helping hand. For the dreams which do require monetary investment we may need to think harder as to how we raise funds to support the dreams of our members - we encourage dreaming big with low expectations


The Field Trip member (and dream) with the most votes will then receive the $500 grant. The Field Trip hopes it can help others fulfill their dreams, encouraging all members to never stop dreaming. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be a Field Trip member on or before November 24th, 2019

  2. If successful, the grant money must be used for yourself and can't be donated to another organisation 

  3. You must be 9-16 years old during 2019

  4. You must have completed the form below to be considered eligible 

  5. Once the outcome is decided, no correspondence will be entered into 

  6. All applicants will be notified of the result by 15 December 2019

To apply, simply please complete the form below on or before Sunday 24 November (no applications will be accepted after this date and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the vote): 

Please share your dream for the chance to win $500

Thanks for submitting!