Red Wall & Stairs

Who We Are

We provide extraordinary adventures for young people.

The Field Trip sees a world where all young people embrace their unique powers to lead our communities.

The Field Trip will achieve this vision by turning learners into leaders, providing young people with extraordinary adventures and empowering them to use their unique extraordinary powers to lead their communities.

Because the world will be a better place if they do. 

Inspired by the book, "Six Capitals" by Jane Gleeson-White, The Field Trip achieves its vision - a world where all young people embrace their unique powers to lead their communities - by creating capital (financial, manufactured, intellectual, social, human and natural capital), and helping others to do the same, through a range of fun, engaging (extraordinary) projects, like building a mini-farm, creating art, books or music, facilitating activities for seniors and marginalised groups, building sustainable igloo shelters, speaking directly with government representatives and community leaders about issues which matter and impact all people. This process allows young people to find their own passion, develop as leaders and discover for themselves how they want to make their extraordinary contribution to the world.


The pursuit of extraordinary adventures (and an extraordinary life) is about being grateful for what exists and acknowledging that the world is extraordinary, human life is extraordinary, each of us is a total original and we all have something unique and extraordinary to contribute to the world. 

Read more about what we want, what we do and how we do it here.